dmzaac technology group 

Telecom Technology and Expense Management Solutions 

Telecom Consulting 

  • Telecom System and Network Planning
  • RFP/Bid Management
  • Project Management

Telecom Management

  • Reduce Your Telecom Expenses
  • Combined 50 years of experience in Telecom Provisioning, Billing, as well as Telecom Design.

Technology Advisor

  • Tired of calling Telecom Providers and not getting the service you need?
  • We can manage all of your Telecom Services.


DC Power Design and Installation

Telecom Space Planning

Equipment Design, Selection, and Installation

Lab Testing and Certification Services 

Outside Plant Fiber Design and Testing


Know How

Best of the Breed Technicians 

Cisco and Ciena Certified Engineers 

Combined 50 years of experience. 

Our Mantra 

Understand the Problem 

Define the Scope

Make a Plan

Take the First Step




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